Admissions Department

To be recognized as a section providing a student centred, open door, and respectful approach to customer service in terms of enrolling.


  • Enhance the visibility of the University at Career Day functions.
  • Develop cost effective and appealing recruitment materials.
  • Integrate technology in recruitment and admissions processes.
  • Ensure an efficient and customer friendly admission process.

The mission of the Admissions Office is to identify, process and enrol the best, most diverse candidature the nation, region and international world offers and promote for our clientele an array of programmes to meet their educational and professional development interests.

About the Unit
The Admissions and Student Records Section exists as the first point of contact for individuals interested in studying at Lupane State University.  It provides a central service, which manages the admission process for potential and current applicants to Undergraduate and post-graduate programmes through the University.  Admissions Office helps students through the entry criteria/ procedures and other queries regarding admissions. The primary function of the office is to ensure that effective and efficient admission screening procedures are in place. This office also manages and maintains all student records and related documents, thus making them the custodians of Student Records.  The Section is also responsible for preparing transcripts, certificates and graduation regalia for graduating students and other university officials and confirmatory letter for students upon request.

Head Office

10th Floor Pioneer House,

Corner Fife Street/8th Avenue

Tel: +263 9 73770-1, 63456, 64548
Fax: +263 9 62436

Centre for Continuing Education (CCE)

52A Robert Mugabe Way
Tel: +263 9-78889, 78896
Fax: +263 9-62436

University Library

3rd Floor ZIMDEF House
Main Street/8th Avenue
Tel: +263 9-73423, 73424
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Information & Public Relations

9th Floor Pioneer House, Corner Fife Street/8th Avenue
Tel+263 9-63456, 64452, 64458, 73770, 73771, 79147
Fax: +263 9-62436