•  To enable current practitioners in Human Resource Management and related fields to advance their knowledge and skills in the management of human capital.
  •  To continuously research and disseminate the latest knowledge on contemporary Human Resource Management and related issues.
  •  To equip human resource managers with skills to take on a more strategic role in organisations.
  • To prepare students to develop a critical appreciation of how to manage, evaluate and advise on human resource and employment issues.
  • For entry into the Programme, applicants should possess a good first degree or equivalent with a pass level of 2.2 or better in Human Resource Management or Employment Relations or any other relevant qualification which the Department may deem appropriate. Working experience would be an added advantage.
  • An applicant who does not meet normal entry requirements may, subject to the approval of the senate, be admitted into a programme on special grounds.
  •  The Programme would be offered for a period of 18 months.
  •  Each course shall be taught for a total of 48 contact hours
  • Human Resources Management Practitioner
  • Labour/Industrial Relations Practitioner
  • Training and Development Practitioner
  • Consultancy Services in HRM, Labour Relations, Training and Development
  • Industrial Psychologist
  • Industrial Sociologist
  • Recruitment/Employment Agencies
  • Ministry of Labour and other Government Departments
  • Workers'Unions
  • Academic/lecturing
  • MSHR 5101 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • MSHR 5102 Employment Relations
  • MSHR 5103 Managerial Economics
  • MSHR 5104 Public Relations and Business etiquette


  • MSHR 5105 Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • MSHR 5106 Marketing Management
  • MSHR 5107 Financial Management
  • MSHR 5201 Human Resource Consultancy
  • MSHR 5202 Organisational Analysis and HR Strategy
  • MSHR 5203 Research Methods and Statistics
  • MSHR 5204 Strategic Reward Management


  • MSHR 5205 Labour Law
  • MSHR 5206 Management of Change


  • MSHR 6101  Strategic Human Resource Development 
  • MSHR 6102  HRM Information System
  • MSAF 6103   Dissertation