To equip students with specific professional skills in applied agricultural economics, policy analysis, problem solving and entrepreneurial skills required to maximise the performance and viability of agriculture.
To produce graduates who demonstrate a high level of competence that will enable them to set up viable agribusinesses and be employable in public or private sectors of the economy in professional, managerial or executive positions.
At the end of this programme students should be able to provide technical expertise, consultancy and support in matters relating to agricultural policy formulation, economic analysis, agribusiness management and modelling of natural resource utilisation.

Students must satisfy conditions for entry to undergraduate degree programs stipulated in the General Regulations.
For entry into the Programme, students must have passed 5 subjects at Ordinary Level (or its equivalent) including English, Mathematics and a Science subject with at least a C grade.
Mature entry:
Persons who are at least 25 years of age on the first day of the academic year in which admission is sought and who are not eligible for entry under the Normal or Special Entry Regulations may apply for Mature Entry provided that:

Applicants must have passed at least five approved ‘O’ level subjects including English and Mathematics (or equivalents) and must have demonstrated potential suitability for university studies by virtue of their attainments and /or relevant work experience.

Normally, applicants should have completed their full-time school or college education at least five years before the start of the academic year in which admission is sought.

4 years Conventional and Block Release.

  • Public service,
  • Non-governmental organisations,
  • Private sector
  • International organisations.

ASEB1101 Micro-economics
ASEB1102 Agricultural Development Planning
ASEB1100 Mathematics for Agricultural Economics
ASSS1110 Introduction to Computers and Information Literacy
ASSS1111 Communication Skills
ASSS1130 Introduction to Soil Science
ASAS1105 Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals


ASEB1203 Introduction to Rural Sociology
ASEB1204 Macro-economics
ASEB1205 Introduction to Financial Analysis and Mgt.
ASEB1206 Econometrics I
ASCS1206 Plant Physiology and Ecology
IDPL1201 Peace and Leadership


ASEB2107 Applied Agricultural Production Economics
ASEB2108 Agricultural Finance and Risk Management
ASEB2109 Agricultural and Food Marketing
ASSS2102 Farm Machinery
ASAS2108 Principles of Animal Production
ASEB2125 Horticulture


ASEB2210 Natural Resource Economics
ASEB2211 Farm Management and Entrepreneurship
ASEB2212 Research Methods for Agricultural Economics
ASEB2213 Econometrics II
ASCS2203 Crop Production I
ASSS2212 Land Evaluation & Land Use Planning


ASIA3000 Industrial Attachment:
Student Work Related Learning Report
Supervisor’s Assessment Report
Employer’s Assessment Report


ASEB4113 Agricultural Price Analysis and Forecasting
ASEB4114 Project Planning and Management
ASEB4115 Agricultural Trade and Commodity Policy
ASEB4116 Agribusiness Management
ASCS4110 Integrated Production Systems
ASSS4101 Environmental Impact Assessment


ASEB4217 Agricultural Extension and Communication
ASEB4219 Agricultural Policy Analysis
ASPR 4000 Research Project
Electives (at least 2)
ASEB4220 Environmental Policy & Sustainable Development
ASEB4218 Rural Development Planning
ASEB4221 Cost Benefit Analysis
ASAS4212 Poultry, pig and Ostrich Production
ASAS4213 Beef Production
ASCS4110 Agro-climatology
ASSS4215 Agricultural Products Storage and Processing
ASCS4113 Crop Production II