To equip graduates with sound scientific knowledge and skills that they can creatively apply in any agronomy or plant breeding environment to enhance resilient and sustainable agricultural production especially in arid and semi-arid regions.


To be admitted to this programme a prospective student should have:

  1. A Bachelor’s (Hons) degree in Agriculture or Biological Science in appropriate subjects from any recognised University or,
  2. Any first degree plus a relevant Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Studies from another recognised institution of higher learning.

Potential students are encouraged to get in touch with the Department before applying for the programme.


This is a two-year full time programme

Graduates from this program can pursue careers in agro-based industries, government departments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), educational institutes, research institutions or be self-employed as farmers, consultants and agri-entreprenuers.


In the first semester, both Agronomy and Plant Breeding options will do common courses.

Full Programme Structure


ASCS 6101 Graduate Seminar I

ASCS 6102 Dryland Agronomy and Irrigation Management

ASCS 6103 Crop Physiology and Ecology

ASCS 6104 Statistical Methods

ASCS 6105 Advanced Seed Science

Agronomy Option

ASCS 6201 Graduate Seminar II

ASCS 6202 Plant and Soil Nutrition

ASCS 6203 Weed Ecology and Management

ASCS 6204 Plant-Insect Interaction and Management

ASCS 6209 Plant Disease Epidemiology and Management

ASCS 6210 Teaching Experience


 Plant Breeding Option

ASCS 6201 Graduate Seminar II

ASCS 6205 Quantitative Genetics

ASCS 6206 Advanced Plant Breeding

ASCS 6207 Plant Biotechnology and In-vitro Techniques

ASCS 6208 Functional Genomics &Bioinformatics

ASCS 6210 Teaching Experience

ASPR 6000 A research project– Thesis