The broad objective of a crop science programme is the teaching of the principles, skills and knowledge needed for appropriate production, management practices and systems to maximise the use of limited water resources for dryland farming in different climatic, soil and crop production situations. The crop, soil, machinery, water management and soil conservation aspects are considered within the social context.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Apply the scientific knowledge to advance agricultural crop and horticultural production and post production activities involved in the production.
  • Implement government policies related to dryland crop production, land and environmental management
  • Initiate and manage horticultural and crop based agribusiness profitably.
  • Provide technical expertise and support in matters relating to crop and horticultural production, mechanisation, crop storage and post harvest handling.
  1. Admission into a Special Honours Degree Programme will be competitive and will be based on grades obtained at the General Degree Programme. Students who obtained a second division classification and above will be admitted with preference given to those with the best results.
  2. Prospective students should have obtained a good aggregate in Crop Science subjects at the General Degree level.

Employment opportunities for the graduates in crop science exist in the public service, research organisations, non-governmental organisations, private sector and international organisations.

This is a one-year programme or 2 semesters of study. A student takes a range of courses which cover important aspects of Crop Science


ASEB 5100 Agriculture Enterprise Management
ASCS 5101 Research Methods
ASCS 5102 Applied Plant Physiology
ASCS 5103 Crop Production
ASCS 5104 Biometry
ASSS 5105 Principles of Irrigation and Drainage


ASCS 5201 Genetics and Plant Breeding
ASCS 5202 Crop Protection
ASCS 5203 Seed Science and Technology
ASSS 5200 Soil Fertility Management
ASCS 5205 Horticulture
ASPR 5000 Research Project