• Students must satisfy conditions for entry to undergraduate degree programs stipulated in the General Regulations.

    For entry into the Programme, students must have passed 5 subjects at Ordinary Level (or its equivalent) including English and Mathematics with at least a C grade.

    Apart from five (5) subjects at Ordinary Level a student must have passed at least two subjects at the Advanced Level, preferably Management of Business, Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Studies.

    Holders of a National Diploma (ND) or a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Banking and Risk Management or their equivalent may apply for entry into the Programme.

    In approved cases a student may be exempted from Part I courses on a module by module basis.

    Among exempted Part I candidates’ credit should not be given in excess of the number of courses offered in that part.

Under normal circumstances, a candidate for the full time Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Banking and Risk Management shall pursue approved course of study for a period of not less than four academic years (including one year of industrial attachment) each year constituting a part of the programme.

  • Personal Bankers
  • Customer Relationship Managers
  • Credit Analysts
  • Corporate/Business Banking Managers
  • Fund Managers
  • Treasury Managers
  • Dealers (Treasury and International Banking)
  • Corporate Finance Managers
  • Financial Management Consultants
  • Business Advisory Services Consultants
  • Treasury Operations Managers (Back Office)
  • Retail Banking Operations Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Business Development Managers
Full Programme Structure

  • COBR 1101 Money and Banking
  • COBR 1102 Quantitative Analysis for Business
  • COBR 1103 Financial Mathematics
  • COAF 1101 Financial Accounting IA
  • COAF 1103 Principles of Management
  • COAF 1104 Introduction to Information Technology
  • COAF 1106 Business Communication
  • COBR 1201 Introduction to Financial Markets & Institutions
  • COBR 1202 Business Mathematics
  • COBR 1203 Principles of Economics
  • COBR 1204 Commercial Law
  • COAF 1201 Financial Accounting IB
  • COAF 1203 Principles of Marketing
  • IDPL 1203 Peace and Leadership Studies
  • COBR 2101 Management of Financial Institutions
  • COBR 2102 Treasury Management
  • COBR 2103 Investment Banking
  • COBR 2104 Bank Financial Management
  • COBR 2105 Banking Law and Practice
  • COBR 2106 Risk Analysis
  • COAF 2102 Corporate Finance I
  • COBR 2201 Banking Information Systems
  • COBR 2202 Research Methods in Banking
  • COBR 2203 Risk Management
  • COAF 2202 Corporate Finance II
  • COHR 2204 Entrepreneurship
  • COAF 2206 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

COBR 3001 Industrial Attachment

Student's Work Related Learning Report
Academic Supervisor's Assessment Report
Employer's Assessment Report

  • COBR 4101 International Banking
  • COBR 4102 Marketing of Financial Services
  • COBR 4103 Derivatives Securities
  • COBR 4104 Market and Liquidity Risk Management
  • COBR 4105 Financial Risk Modelling (Practical)
  • COBR 4106 Financial Econometrics
  • COBR 4201 Bank Lending and Credit Risk Management
  • COBR 4202 Bank Regulation and Supervision
  • COBR 4203 Financial Engineering
  • COBR 4204 Dissertation
  • COBR 4205 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance in Financial Services