• Critically evaluate the supply chain and understand the opportunities and constraints that can be realised.
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the processes of purchasing and supply management in an organization‟s value chain.
  • To hone certain competencies such as negotiation to deepen skills in supply chain management and logistics.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of purchasing and supply within an organization, the industry, as well as in the global arena
  • Develop critical thinking skills that will enable purchasing and supply management to evaluate opportunities, manage risks and learn from results
  • Understand the financial consequences of purchasing and supply to the competitive advantage of an organisation
  • Students must satisfy conditions for entry to undergraduate degree programs stipulated in the General Regulations


For entry into the Programme, students must have passed 5 subjects at Ordinary Level (or its equivalent) including English and Mathematics with at least a C grade.


Apart from five (5) subjects at Ordinary Level a student must have passed at least two subjects at the Advanced Level, preferably Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, and Geography. These subjects will be given priority but the programme is open to other subjects if vacancies permit


Holders of a National Diploma (ND) or a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Purchasing and Supply Management, Business Studies or equivalent may also apply for admission.


In approved cases a student may be exempted from Part I courses on condition that the student does not complete the full-time programme in less than three full academic years.


Among exempted Part I candidates‟ credit should not be given in excess of the number of courses offered in that part

4 years Conventional and Block Release.

  • The graduates of the Purchasing and Supply Management Degree from Lupane State University could expect to go into careers dealing with purchasing and supply chain aspect of large business, small businesses as well as the public or private sector besides establishing their own small businesses. Possible careers could be:
    Purchasing Manager/officer
    Procurement Process Specialist
    Commodity Manager
    Consultant (Purchasing and Supply)
    Supply Chain Manager/Officer/Analyst
    Academic Tutor/Lecturer

This is a four-year programme. A student takes a range of courses in the subjects of Animal Anatomy, Animal Nutrition, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Diseases and Animal Health as well as Pasture and Rangeland Management.

A registered Honours Degree student is required to go on industrial attachment for a period of not less than eight (8) months. A student is also required to carry out research and submit a research project at the end of his/her study.


COPS 1101 Principles of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management I
COPS 1102 Retail Buying
COAF 1103 Principles of Management
COAF 1104 Introduction to Information Technology and Information Literacy
COAF 1106 Business Communication
COAF 1101 Financial Accounting 1A
COAF 1107 Accounting 1A


COPS 1201 Storage and Distribution I
COPS 1202 Principles of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management II
COAF 1206 Micro Economics
COHR 1202 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for Business
COHR 1204 Business Law
IDPL 1203 Peace and Leadership Studies
COAF 1201 Financial Accounting 1B
COAF 1207 Accounting 1B


COPS 2101 Storage and Distribution II
COPS 2102 Purchasing Strategy
COPS 2103 Purchasing Information Systems
COAF 2103 Audit Skills and Process
COAF 2104 Macroeconomics
COAF 2105 Cost And Management Accounting I


COPS 2201 Supply Market Analysis
COPS 2202 Contract Administration
COPS 2203 Public Procurement
COPS 2204 Negotiation and Buyer-Supplier Relationship
COEN 2204 Project Management
COHR 2206 Research Methods


ASIA 3000 Industrial Attachment Student‟s Work Related Learning Report
Academic Supervisor‟s Assessment Report
Employer‟s Assessment Report


COPS 4101 International Supply Chain Management
COPS 4102 Supply Chain Risk Management
COPS 4103 Sustainable Procurement
COPS 4104 Commodity Purchasing
COPS 4105 Legal Aspects of Purchasing
COPS 4106 Finance for Purchasers


COPS 4201 Operations Management in the Supply Chain
COPS 4202 Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
COEN 4201 Consumer and Buyer Behaviour
COEN 4204 Business Ethics and Corporate governance
COHR 4205 Quality Management
COPS 4203 Dissertation