The program aims to produce a thoroughbred graduate in development studies with a clear understanding of both practical and theoretical issues in international development. While the program attempts to capture all key development issues, its key areas of focus are Poverty Reduction, Food Security, HIV and AIDS Management, Research Methods, Gender and Development and Monitoring and Evaluation

Candidates must have passed 5 subjects at Ordinary Level and the subjects should include English with at least a C grade or better.

Apart from five (5) subjects at Ordinary Level a student must have passed at least two subjects at the Advanced Level. One of the subjects should preferably be Geography, History, Management of Business, Sociology, Law, Economics or Agriculture,

A Diploma in Development Studies, Education, Agriculture, Nursing or Public Health, or equivalent from this university or a recognised institution with a merit pass or higher

4 years Conventional and Block Release.

Candidates graduating with a Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Development Studies can work in a variety of social science environments that are development related. They can be employed in international and local development organisations. Holders of this qualification can also work in various government departments such as those that deal with gender, social welfare, HIV and AIDS, Monitoring and Evaluation and social research issues.

  • HSDS 1107 Introduction to Development Studies
  • HSDS 1108 Issues in Development Studies
  • HSDS 1103 Research Methods for Development
  • HSDS 1109 NGOs, Government and the Private Sector in Development
  • HSDS 1104 Report Writing for Development Studies
    Plus the following module
  • HSDS 1110 Computer Packages for Development Studies and Information Literacy
  • HSDS 1207 Food Supply and Aid
  • HSDS 1208 HIV/AIDS and Cultural Linkages in Africa
  • HSDS 1209 Advocacy and Development
  • HSDS 1210 Project Planning and Management
    Plus any two electives from the following:
  • HSDS 1211 Famines and Food Security
  • HSDS 1212 Principles of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • HSDS 1213 History of Development
  • HSDS 2101 Aid and International Development
  • HSDS 2102 Gender and Development
  • HSDS 2103 Rural Development
  • HSDS 2104 Issues in Participatory Development
    Plus any two electives from the following:
  • HSDS 2105 Multilateral Institutions of Development
  • HSDS 2106 HIV and AIDS Management in Africa
  • HSDS 2112 Development and Society
  • HSDS 2214 Theories of Economic Development
  • HSDS 2208 Sustainable Livelihoods in Zimbabwe
  • HSDS 2210 Media and Development
  • HSDS 2211 HIV/AIDS and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Plus any two of the following electives:
  • HSDS 2212 Land Reform and Development in Zimbabwe
  • HSDS 2213 Intercultural Communication
  • HSDS 2209 Religion and Development

HSDS 3000 Industrial Attachment

Student's Work Related Learning Report
Academic Supervisor's Assessment Report
Employer's Assessment Report

  • HSDS 4101 Population and Development
  • HSDS 4102 International Trade and Development in Africa
  • HSDS 4103 Gender Budgeting
  • HSDS 4104 Democracy and Development
    Plus any two electives from the following:
  • HSDS 4105 Public Health in Zimbabwe
  • HSDS 4106 Globalisation and Development
  • HSDS 4107 African Languages and Development in Africa
  • HSDS 4208 Dissertation
  • HSDS 4212 Development Economics of South East Asia
  • HSDS 4211 Culture and Development
  • HSDS 4210 Financial Accounting for NGO Managers
  • HSDS 4213 Faith Based Organisations and Development