• Objectives

    • To develop human capital for sustainable development of the Tourism
    and Hospitality industry through education, training and research.

    • To develop highly skilled and innovative managers who are versatile
    and possess fundamental knowledge for the industry such as legal issues, tourism
    economics, food service, human resources management, Tourism & Hospitality marketing, financial control, accounting & taxation and technological applications.

    • To develop a manager who is able to promote local, regional and international cultural diversity through management of conferences, hotel administration and travel and tourism operations.

  • For entry into the Programme, candidates must have passed 5 subjects at Ordinary Level (or its equivalent) including English and Mathematics with at least a C grade.
  •  Apart from five (5) subjects at Ordinary Level a candidate must have passed at least two subjects at the Advanced Level, preferably Business Studies and Geography.


  •  In approved cases a candidate may be exempted from Part I courses on condition the student does not complete the full-time programme in less than three full academic years.

4 years Conventional and Block Release.

Career Opportunities
• Academia( Researcher, Lecturer & Teacher)
• Events Management
• Travel Consultancy
• Flight & Cruise Attendants
• Chef
• Food and Beverage Management
• Hotel/Lodge Management
• Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
• Tourism and Hospitality Entrepreneur
• Tour Guiding
• Entertainment Management


Full Programme Structure

  • COTH 1101 Introduction to Tourism
  • COTH 1102 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
  • COAF 1103 Principles of Management
  • COAF 1104 Introduction to Information Technology
  • COAF 1106 Business Communication
  • COAF 1107 Accounting 1A
  • IDPL 1101 Peace and Leadership Studies
  • COTH 1201 Rooms Division Management (Theory and Practice)
  • COAF 1203 Principles of Marketing
  • COHR 1202 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for Business
  • COTH 1202 Tourism Hospitality Law
  • COAF 1206 Micro Economics
  • COAF 1207 Accounting 1B
  • COTH 2101 Food & Beverage Preparation & Services I(Theory and Practice)
  • COTH 2102 Transport for Tourism
  • COTH 2103 Regional and International Tourism (Theory and Practice)
  • COAF 2104 Macro- Economics
  • COTH 2104 French I
  • COTH 2105 Hospitality Cost & Management Accounting
  • COTH 2201 Food &Beverage Preparation & Services II (Theory and Practice)
  • COTH 2202 Managing Front Office Operations (Theory and Practice)
  • COTH 2203 Financial Management in Tourism and Hospitality
  • COTH 2204 French II
  • COHR 2206 Research Methods
  • COHR 2204 Entrepreneurship


  • COTH 2205 German
  • COTH 2206 Portuguese
  • COTH2207 Mandarin

COTH 3001 Industrial Attachment

Student's Work Related Learning Report
Academic Supervisor's Assessment Report
Employer's Assessment Report

  • COTH 4101 Tourism Development and Management I(Theory and Practice)
  • COTH 4102 Food and Beverages Management (Theory and Practice)
  • COTH 4103 Tourism and Hospitality Human Resource Management
  • COTH 4104 Marketing Of Tourism And Hospitality Products And Services
  • COTH 4105 Business Ethics and Tourism and Hospitality Governance
  • COHR 4106 Hotel and Institutional Management
  • COTH 4201 Tourism Development and Management II (Theory and Practice)
  • COTH 4202 International Hospitality Management(Theory and Practice)
  • COTH 4203 Strategic Management for Tourism and Hospitality
  • COTH 4203 Tourism Operations Management (Theory and Practice)
  • COTH 4204 Service Quality Management (Theory and Practice)
  • COTH 4206 Dissertation