Dean’s Profile : Commerce

Mr C. Mpala (Dean Faculty of Commerce)

Mr C. Mpala holds a Master of Business Administration (NUST) and a First Degree in Business Management (NUST). He also holds a National Diploma in Motor Industry Management and a Zimbabwe Further Education Teachers Certificate (ZFETC) besides being a qualified Journeyman class 1 automotive engineer. He is also currently the Senior Proctor in the University. He is a PhD candidate studying with the University of Lusaka. His research interests are in entrepreneurship and the Informal sector/economy.


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  • Organised and ran a National Conference in collaboration with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education on Commercial Subjects Challenges: (7-11 April 2015) which attended by over 500 delegates from the whole country.
  • Conference Presentation: Presented a paper (An evaluation of polytechnic strategies to Industry Personnel Needs) to the Research and Intellectual Expo (RIE) in February 2011 in the Tertiary Education Quality Assurance theme.
  • Conference Presentation: Beyond the enclave--- Pro-poor development. OSISA Conference entitled: Zimbabwe: Present Realities, Future Prospects, 24th-27th November 2013, Holiday Inn, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.