“Pioneering cutting edge pathways in Development thinking”

The Department of Development Studies aims to produce top notch development practitioners and academics to solve the development needs of Zimbabwe and the development world. The Department focuses on topical issues in the Developing world such as Food Security, Gender, Poverty Alleviation, Climate Change and Management of Natural Resources.

Welcome to the Department of Development Studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Department offers diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes in development studies, monitoring and evaluation and urban studies. The Department strives to produce top notch development practitioners and academics ready to solve the variegated development needs of Zimbabwe and the developing world.
The Department has a rich and diverse research and teaching expertise in variety of disciplines that include international development, public health, climate change, urban studies, public policy, monitoring and evaluation and sociology, among others. The Department prides itself in promoting and enhancing inter- and trans disciplinary thinking and skills in students and staff that are ever ready to work with different sections of our communities (academic and non-academic) in pioneering cutting edge pathways in Development thinking.  The Department enjoys a good blend of young and highly experienced academics who are committed to quality research and teaching.


Dr. Cornelias Ncube (Chairperson)

For more information on the programmes contact:
The Chairperson

+263(0)81 2856 488- ext. 2039



Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Development Studies

Diploma in Development Studies

Bachelor of Social Science Special Honours Degree in Monitoring and Evaluation

Bachelor of Science Special Honours Degree in Urban Management Studies

Master of Social Science Degree in Development Studies

Diploma in Youth & Community Development Studies

Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Urban and Regional Planning

Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Anthropology

Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Sociology

Master of Social Science Degree in Monitoring and Evaluation

Master of Social Science in Public Policy and Development Management Degree



  • PhD in Public Policy (University of Birmingham)
  • MA Africa: Human and Sustainable Development (University of Leeds)
  • MSc. Poverty Reduction and Development Management (University of Birmingham)
  • B.A. (Hons) in Ndebele and Religious Studies (University of Zimbabwe)

Research Interests

  • I research broadly on international development and public policy issues, with particular specialism in politics of development, governance, human rights, democracy, conflict transformation, state-building, peace-building, anti-corruption reforms and strategies, elections and civil society


Current Courses: 

Undergraduate modules:

Advocacy and Development, Rural Development, Land Reform and Development in Zimbabwe, International Trade and Development.

Postgraduate modules:

Industrialization, Technology and Development in Africa, Gender Analysis in Monitoring and Evaluation.


I supervise candidates on a broad range of development issues at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

Selected Postgraduate Supervised Research Projects

  • Sandra Nokuthula Gama –‘The Effectiveness of Social Media on Youth Participation in Zimbabwean Politics’ (completed 2015)
  • Nosikelelo Ndlovu – ‘State-NGOs Partnership in Addressing Gender Based Violence in Urban Bulawayo’ (completed 2015)
  • Enos Maphosa – ‘Disability and Social Justice: A Case of Disabled Vendors in Urban Bulawayo’ (completed 2015)
  • Sandra Chenaimwoyo Mutare – ‘Collective Bargaining, Workplace Democracy and Social Justice in Zimbabwe: A Case of the National Railways of Zimbabwe, 1980 - 2014’. (completed 2014)
  • Promise Sibanda – ‘Understanding Voter Behavior in Zimbabwe’s Post-2000 Electoral Politics’ (completed 2014). 

Selected Undergraduate Supervised Research Projects

  • Galbraith Moyo – ‘“New Wine, Old Bottles”: A Political Economy Perspective on ZIMASSET’. (2016)
  • Verena Blessing Phiri – Elites and the Politics of Pro-Poor Policies in Post-2000 Zimbabwe’. (2016)
  • Michelle C. Mugweni – ‘Women’s Perceptions of Gender Based Violence and Self-Help Seeking Behaviour in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’. (completed 2015)
  • Tinashe Manhope – ‘An Investigation into Illicit Financial Flows on Artisanal and Small Scale Mining: A Case Study of Bubi District’. (completed 2015)
  • David Hove – ‘Public-Private Partnership as a Strategy for Improving Organisational Efficiency: The Case of the National Railways of Zimbabwe’ (completed 2015)
  • Melba Sibanda – ‘Investigating the Role of Civil Society Organizations in Influencing Local Government Administration’ (completed 2014)

Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Dube, T. Mlilo, C., Moyo, P. Ncube, C. and Phiri, K. (2018). ‘Will Adaptation Carry the Future? Questioning the Long-Term Capacity of Smallholder Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies against Climate Change in Gwanda District, Zimbabwe’, in Journal of Human Ecology, 61(1):20-30.
  • Munyaradzi, A. D., Mashizha, T. M., Monga, M., Ncube, C. (2017). ‘Conservation Agriculture and Climate Change: Implications for Sustainable Rural Development in Sanyati, Zimbabwe’, in Journal of Social and Development Sciences, 8(2):38-46.
  • Mashizha, T.M., Ncube, C., Munyaradzi, A.D., Monga, M. (2017). ‘Examining the Impact of Climate Change on Rural Livelihoods and Food Security: Evidence from Sanyati District in Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe’, in Journal of Asian and African Social Science and Humanities, 3(2):56-68.
  • Ncube, C. (2015). ‘Elites, Institutions and the Politics of Poverty in Africa: Editorial Note’. Guest Editor for Special Issue of Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict & Social Transformation, 4(2):7-15.
  • Moyo, G. Ncube, C. and Moyo, P. (2015). ‘Can Devolution Aid the Construction of a Democratic Developmental State in the Context of Authoritarian Nationalism in Zimbabwe?’ in Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict & Social Transformation, 4(2):49-73.
  • Ncube, C. and Okeke-Uzodike, U. (2015). ‘Constituting Power and Democracy: Zimbabwe’s 2013 Constitution Making and Prospects for Democracy’, in African Renaissance, 12(3):129-157.
  • Ncube, C. and Okeke-Uzodike, U. (2015). ‘Understanding Illicit Financial Flows in Post-2000 Zimbabwe’, in Journal of African Foreign Affairs, 2(1 & 2):95-114.
  • Moyo, G. and Ncube, C. (2015). ‘The Tyranny of the Executive-Military Alliance and Competitive Authoritarianism in Zimbabwe’, in Affrika: Journal of Politics, Economics and Society, 5(1&2):37-61.
  • Moyo, P. and Ncube, C. (2014). ‘Devolution of Power in Zimbabwe’s New Constitutional Order: Opportunities and Potential Constraints’, in Law, Democracy and Development, 18:289-304.
  • Ncube, C. (2014). ‘Civil Society and Peacebuilding during Zimbabwe’s Government of National Unity, 2009 – 2013’, in Africa Security Review, 23(3):1-12.
  • Ncube, C. (2013). ‘When Politics Corrupts Policy: Corruption as a Political Feasibility Problem in Zimbabwe’, in Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict & Social Transformation, 2 (1&2):97-122.
  • Ncube, C. (2013). ‘The 2013 Elections in Zimbabwe: End of an Era for Human Rights Discourse?’ in Africa Spectrum, 3(13):1-11.
  • Ncube, C. (2005). ‘Language Development or Language Corruption: A Case of Loan Words in Isichazamazwi sesiNdebele’, in Lexikos15:1-12.

Books and Chapters

  • Ncube, C. and Mugweni, C.M. (2015). ‘Conclusion: Pro-poor Politics, Accountability and Participatory Policy Making at Local Government’, in Fayayo, R. and Ncube, C. (eds.). Local Governance Policy (Series 1): In Search of People-Oriented Policy Making. Local Governance Centre: Bulawayo. (ISBN: 9 78-0-7974-9686-6).
  • Fayayo, R. and Ncube, C. (eds.). (2015). Local Governance Policy (Series 1): In Search of People-Oriented Policy Making. Local Governance Centre: Bulawayo. (ISBN: 9 78-0-7974-9686-6).­­­­­
  • Ncube, C. (2012). Contesting Hegemony: Civil Society and the Struggle for Social Change in Zimbabwe, 2000 – 2008. Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing. (ISBN 978-3-659-23904-5).
  • Ncube, C. (2007). ‘Good Governance, Participatory Development and Poverty Reduction: An Appraisal of the NGO Bill in Zimbabwe’, in Hussain, A. and Mishra, S.S. (eds.). Participatory Development: An Introduction. Hyderrabad: the Icfai University Press. (ISBN 81-314-0799-3).

Media Contact Areas

  • Politics, Power and Poverty in Zimbabwe and Africa
  • Civil Society and Social Change
  • Politics and Public Policy



  • PhD in Sociology (University of Cape Town); MA in Human and Sustainable Development (University of Leeds);
  • MA African Languages and Literature;
  • BA Hons in IsiNdebele (University of Zimbabwe)

Research Interests

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health; Gender and Development; Environment and Sustainable Development

Current Courses

  • Public Health and Development; Rural Development;  Land Reform Issues; HIV/AIDS and Cultural Linkages in Africa; HIV/ AIDS and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa



  • PhD Social Science in Development Studies (University of Fort Hare, RSA);
  • Master of Social Science in Social Policy and Development Studies  (University of Fort Hare, RSA);
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Zimbabwe)

Research Interests

  • Human Development (Politics of Development; Livelihoods and Poverty reduction Issues; HIV/AIDS Management; Gender and Development).

Current Courses: 

  • Research Methods for Development; Gender and Development; Advocacy and Development; NGOs, Government and the Private Sector in Development; Issues in Participatory Development;  HIV/AIDS and Cultural Linkages in Africa; HIV/ AIDS and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa; HIV and AIDS Management in Africa;  Civil Society and Development


  • Master of Arts in Development Studies (Midlands State University)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Water Supplies and Sanitation (Institute of Water and Sanitation Development)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Honours in History and Development Studies (Midlands State University)

Research Interests

Food Security, Urban Poverty, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Media and Development, HIV and AIDS Management, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Current Courses

  • Overview of Development Studies, Media and Development, Food Supply and Aid, Multilateral Institutions of Development, HIV and AIDS Management in Africa



  • Masters in Peace and Governance (Africa University)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and English (University of Zimbabwe)

Research Interests

  • Sport for Development and Peace.
  • He is a member of the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Education Trust.

Current Courses: 

Peace and Leadership Studies



  • Masters in Rural and Urban Planning  (UZ)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning, Design and Management (UZ)
  • Bachelor of Education in Educational Administration, Planning and Policy Studies (UZ)

Research Interests

Urban Policy administration

Urban Development and management

Inclusive development approaches

Civil society participation in local government management

Current Courses

Urban Development and management

Urban Policy Administration

Issues in Participatory Development

Principles of Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Impact Assessment Procedure

Population and Development

Culture and Development


  • M.A. Development Studies (University of Leeds)
  • M.A. African Languages and Literature (University of Zimbabwe)
  • B.A. Hons (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Grad. C.E. (University of Zimbabwe)

Research Interests

  • Food security and Livelihoods, children’s rights, community development, HIV and AIDS..

Current Courses: 

HSDS 2101 Aid and International Development

HSDS 2214 Theories of Economic  Development

HSDS 1211 Famines and Food Security

HSDS 1104 Report Writing for Development Studies

DPDS 1202 Introduction to Gender Studies