The aim of the programme is to address a variety of core development issues. The objective of the programme is make development practitioners have a firm grounding in development issues. This programme is designed for candidates who are holders of a first degree or its equivalent and who work in a development related sector or are interested in making a career move into development. It is also particularly designed for candidates who hold a general degree and would like to enrol into the Master of Social Science in Development Studies.The program aims to produce a versatile graduate with a sound theoretical and practical understanding of development issues affecting the third world and Sub-Saharan Africa in particular.


A recognized good first degree from this or another recognized University or its recognized equivalent.

The Postgraduate Diploma is done over one academic year or two semesters

  • Candidates graduating with this qualification may work in a variety of environments as social science researchers, programme/project managers, monitoring and evaluation officers, gender consultants in NGOs and government departments.
  • HSDS 5101 Introduction to Development Studies
  • HSDS 5102 Global Development Issues
  • HSDS 5103 Research Methods for Development
  • HSDS 5206 Gender and Development
  • HSDS 5108 HIV and AIDS Management in Africa
    Plus any one elective from the following:
  • HSDS 5107 Development within the Tiger Economies
  • HSDS 5104 Advanced Report Writing Skills
  • HSDS 5105 Computer Packages for Development Studies and Information Literacy
  • HSDS 5201 Project Planning and Management
  • HSDS 5202 Post Graduate Diploma Treatise
  • HSDS 5203 Famines and Food Security
  • HSDS 5204 Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
    Plus any one elective from the following:
  • SDS 5205 HIV, AIDS and Culture in Africa
  • HSDS 5207 Civil Society and Development
  • HSDS 5208 Humanitarian Food Aid Studies
  • HSDS 5106 NGOs, Government and the Private Sector in Development