Advertisement for online recruitment of international students

Lupane State University (LSU) is one of the state universities in Zimbabwe; it was set up through an Act of Parliament in 2005. The University was primarily established to enhance the development of communities through research, teaching and advisory programmes to stimulate the exploitation of natural resources (coal, tin, gold, wildlife, gas, Kalahari sands, prominent forests, Zambezi water and rich social culture) that are abundant in the province for the benefit of rural communities and the Zimbabwean economy. The University’s environment is dominated by natural environmental assets whose economic yields are largely affected by climate change.

The mission of the University reads “To contribute research-based knowledge and learning for the development of humanity by working closely with communities and attracting the best researchers and students from Zimbabwe and beyond”. As part of the internationalization drive, the University desires to attract international students.

The University hereby invites bids from service providers that can advertise the University’s programmes online in order to reach international students.

Responses can be emailed to:

The closing date is 4pm local time on 22 March 2018.