Research and Innovation Services Office

Professor Bhekimplilo Sibanda (R.I.S.O Director)

Professor Bhekimpilo Sibanda PhD (Stirling) has been in Education and Training, Media and Communication for more than forty five (45) years. During this time, he has been a lecturer and Chairman of the Department of Educational Technology  at the University of Zimbabwe and a professor in four universities namely; Fort Hare (S.A), Limpopo (S.A), National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe) and Lupane State University (Zimbabwe). His current research interests are in Global Media Networks, Communication Policy and Wildlife Human Conflict.

The Research and Innovation Services Office (RISO) has a special focus on: skills enhancement, mentoring and staff support for Doctoral study, Research Development and Management, support for innovation, advocacy and research funding. Research and innovation go hand in glove. RISO monitors innovations from research to patenting and commercialization where possible. Its function is to provide guidance and advice to help young and experienced researchers achieve their goals as they relate to the research environment. Working side by side with research partners, we will help them in a variety of ways:

  • Secure research funding. This can be through the LSU research Board or external funding.
  • Locate research partners
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange
  • Early cornerstone researcher development
  • Instill good research practice
  • Encourage and supervise Doctoral study to those who need it
  • Facilitate and stimulate interdisciplinary research
  • Help commercialize new innovation