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Business Clinic

Business Clinic
About Us

The Business Clinic is a programme of the Faculty of Commerce which was established to link the university with the industry and communities. It aims to bridge the gap that exists between industry and the Academia and endeavours to ensure the research that is be carried out by the Faculty provides solutions to challenges faced by the industry. It also aims to ensure that the lecturers at in the Faculty are abreast with the activities, processes and challenges faced by the industry. This will be achieved by attaching lecturers in organisations in industry. The reason for the attachment is twofold:
1. The research studies to be conducted will be addressing the actual problems obtaining in the nation.
2. The graduates from the University will be graduates who will make a difference in the industry as they will be taught, not only textbook theories, but practical skills to bring about innovation and industrialization in the country.
Further, through entrepreneurship mentoring, entrepreneurship training, business advice and business counselling processes the Business Clinic intends to facilitate entrepreneurship and small business development in and around Bulawayo and Zimbabwe. The unit shall also provide support to academic departments, staff and students in their community engagement initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at providing support to communities in their self-identified upliftment and empowerment efforts; and to students in their learning processes by bridging the theory in lectures with practical real-life experiences related to their academic activities.


Transforming the education and training of commerce students for innovation and industrialization.


To be a reliable provider of skilled human capital for growth, innovation and industrialisation in Zimbabwe


To significantly contribute to industrialization and innovation through the production of skilled and well-trained human capital


The Business Clinic aims to:

  1. Create sustainable relationships and linkages between the University and industry to enable the mutual achievement of the nation’s economic goals by conducting research studies that address industry challenges
  2. Creating opportunities for the academic staff to be experts in their disciplines thereby producing appropriate human capital (graduates) that will stimulate the achievement of economic development goals.
  1. To bridge the gap between industry human capital requirements and University education and training in Zimbabwe
  2. To foster teaching, research and learning approaches that integrate with industry practices and requirements
  3. To contribute towards the achievement of the national economic goals of innovation and industrialization in line with the thrust by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Development’s Education 5.0.
  4. To nurture the survival and growth of MSMEs in Zimbabwe
  5. To create a platform for engagement between the industry and academia to work towards economic development

The Business Clinic will:

  1. Coordinate the linkage between industry and developmental organisations and the University enabling the academic staff and students to conduct research studies that address industry problems
  2. Provide training workshops, seminars and conferences for industry, MSMEs and the communities
  3. Promote public awareness and understanding of business requirements by disseminating pertinent information to business owners and community groups.
  4. Provide business formation, company registration and development assistance, assessment of risk/liability, opinions on code compliance and financial accounting and reporting standards
  5. Empower small businesses and non-profit organisations in the community with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate their businesses.
  6. Provide necessary assistance to entrepreneurs during their start-up, continuation, and expansion phases by offering quality counselling, business advice and mentoring
Other services the Business Clinic offers:
  • Research
  • Accounting consultancy
  • Tax consultancy
  • Business plans
  • Maketing and branding
  • Software training services
  • Logistics, Procurement and supply chain management services
  • Human resources consultancy
  • Leadership development and strategic management consultancy
  • Information technology and security consultancy
  • Monitoring and evaluation and project management
  • Risk management services

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Faculty Of Commerce - Lupane State University

Main Campus P.O. Box 170, Lupane Off Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road

Bulawayo Campus P O Box AC 255 Ascot Bulawayo Zimbabwe Tel: +262 292 73770/1; 64452/8

Ms T Moyo (Business Coordinator) Email address: Cell & Whatsapp: +263 783 066 078


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