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Research and Innovation Services

Research and Innovation Services

Welcome to the Research and Innovation Services


To be the premier university in Zimbabwe in research based knowledge, teaching, learning, innovation and industrialization.


To support and enhance university-wide ecosystem and research excellency where faculties push beyond the bounds of knowledge.


Dates of Meetings & Submission of Papers

The Research Board meets as scheduled in the University Diary to consider ONLY applications received by the specified deadline.

List of Relevant Application Forms:


  • Research Grant-RB01
  • Student Research Assistant-RB02
  • External Travel Grant-RB03
  • Research Registration-RB04
  • Annual Progress Report-RB05
  • Supplementary Grant-RB06
  • Final Report-RB07
  • Block Allocation-RB08


General Guidelines


  • Applicants must submit their applications using the appropriate application forms to the Secretariat, by the communicated deadline (2 weeks prior to date of meeting).
  • Late and/or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
  • The Faculty Representative must be fully briefed on the substance of the paper in order to be able to present it to the Board.
  • All applications and reports must be typed , single spacing, Times New Roman and font 12.
  • The maximum length of submissions must be as outlined below:


Research Grant (3pages)
Student Research Assistant (2pages)
External Travel Grant (2pages)
Annual Progress Report (2pages)
Supplementary Grant (2pages)
Block Allocation Report (2pages)


Research Grants


The Research Board allocates research grants based on thorough assessment of proposals by applicants. The Board applies the following criteria in approving applications:


  • Clarity of the statement of the problem being researched.
  • Importance of the anticipated solution.
  • Relevance of the study.
  • Originality/innovation.
  • Appropriateness and soundness of the methodology.
  • Accuracy and efficiency of the budget.
  • Completeness of the application (ensure all fields in the application form have been completed).
  • Submission of timely and comprehensive progress reports where appropriate.


External Travel Grants

Grant recipients are required to submit annual progress reports on work being done. Use Form RB05.
On completion of the project, a Final Report must be submitted using Form RB07.

Research Register

It is mandatory for researchers to register ALL research being conducted with RISO using Form RB04.

Publication of Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


  • Researchers are encouraged to publish their research in reputable peer reviewed journals.
  • Partial reimbursement of publication costs may be considered upon production of evidence of acceptance of papers and payments made to reputable journals.
  • Researchers are encouraged to check for the list of reputable journals with the Library.


RISO Downloads Forms

Research Application Pro Foma

Student Research

Research Areas by LSU Staff

Research Grant Report

Research Registration



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