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Bursar's Department

Bursar's Department

Mr. T P Ngwenya Acting - Bursar
Welcome to the Bursar's Department

Mission Statement

It is our mission to assist the Vice Chancellor and the University Community in attaining their respective missions by creating and disseminating quality information for planning, budgeting, management and accountability.


The goals of the office are to direct the planning and budgeting cycle, to provide information for internal planning and the decision-making process, and to facilitate the reporting requirements of the University.


Develop the University's operating budgeting system and procedure manual. Monitor and control the budget and legislative appropriations including staff welfare. Evaluate budgetary performance, resource utilization and take corrective measures. Coordinate financial reporting of faculty and staff activity. Perform and disseminate studies and provide informational resources. Function as liaison with the University Council and Faculties. Respond to internal and external requests for information and give advise. Interpreting and systems development in order to meet University needs. The university Accountant, production of audited financial statements .


TIntegrity: honesty in our work; informing others fully, as we would want others to inform us; providing information in the proper context, without bias Professionalism: lifelong learning and skill development in the practice of our profession Service: we exist to serve the University in the fulfillment of its mission; we welcome opportunities to assist and serve the university community Quality Improvement: we believe in continuous improvement and look for ways to enhance our services.

The following departments fall under the Bursar's department:

  • Deputy Bursar.
  • Student Accounts.
  • Payments.
  • Salaries and Benefits.
  • Purchasing and Research.


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