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Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Language and Communication Studies

On successful completion of the course, one will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to:

  • Assess the place of language within systems and processes of communication generally;
  • Describe particular usages of language, for example at the levels of pronunciation, lexicogrammar, discourse structure and functioning;
  • Appreciate relationships between language forms and the social and cultural contexts where they are used;
  • Analyse the specific demands and constraints of using language and communicating within particular institutional and professional settings, such as the mass media, medicine, education (including language education), business and industry;
  • Appreciate the shared elements of human communication processes and explore their diversity and their central relevance to contemporary social life;
  • Analyse the communication practices that sustain and constitute social institutions such as the newspaper, TV and film industries and critically appraise their output;
  • Identify generic categories within types of media communication and understand their constitution as cultural products.

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